My new book soon be to be published

I have written a new book. The Dutch Resistance Revealed.  It is being published in the UK by Pen and Sword, and they expect it to be in the market by April 2018. I am expecting to see the second proof with the Index in the next few days. I mention the Index especially, because it was the first time I have ever written an Index, and it was a real mission, taking me all of three weeks of solid work.

What was very surprising for me is that when I sent out The Journalist scenarios, and synopsis, nobody expressed any interest. But this one got picked up very quickly, and I had hardly signed the contract when I received about four other offers from other publishers both in the UK and the USA. Obviously it is the subject matter. It deals with what happened in the Netherlands to the Dutch Resistance people, and the story centres around my late father-in-law – Henry Scharrer, who was finally betrayed, arrested and executed early September 1944 at Vught camp.

Discovering what happened to Henry in my research was like travelling in a great adventure. I knew nothing abut Henry, except the family anecdotes. Then I learnt that other people had picked up on his story and wrote about their experiences of him, how he had saved them and how he had hidden Allied airmen. There is a book published by Prof Doeko Bosscher in Dutch that tells the story of how his great uncle and Henry had worked together, were arrested together and executed together. A 99 year old man Rudy Zeeman who now lives in Tasmania, wrote a book on how he had escaped from Holland during the war and how Henry had helped him…And so it went.

So we will see how it goes.