Bio: I have spent most of my career in advertising as a Creative Director and have my own advertising agency - Scharrer Advertising. I am also assisting my son Glenn Scharrer in building up his mobile catering business - Longtom Foods in Johannesburg. I have just written a book The Journalist about Flora Shaw - the leading woman journalist in the 1890s when she was Colonial Editor of The Times. The book is available on amazon.com, and Kindle. My blog will tell the story of whatever success or failure I have in trying to market this book and will map out any progress or lack of it. Clearly it is going to be a real challenge with hundreds of thousands of new books out there and mine is a biography-based story with a limited appeal.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Awesome Bless you great to see you still shaking the tree !

    cool Bananas,

    leon orsmond
    osmosis viral creative think tank!
    East Africa


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