I had to read the congratulatory email twice. Yes. No doubt about it. It advised me that the Editors of Kirkus Reviews in the US had chosen The Journalist to be one of the Books of the Month for March. Also that this would mean listings in their March newsletter, website updates and their magazine. Now of course, the question is, how many books get chosen for their Books of the Month.  I will soon find out, but still I feel rather pleased that the book is beginning to lift up out of the massive sea of new books published every month. I will also find out whether this has any influence on sales in the US. As things stand I believe that the only people who have actually bought my book are friends, associates and family. The total sales figure including Kindle is just under 50 and mostly the paperbacks. (Gail Schimmel – you warned me!).

Now what do I expect, considering that the only independent review I have received is from Kirkus Reviews, admittedly the largest independent Book Review company in the US. What is needed are Reviews in South Africa. So this week I contacted editorial people in some newspapers and magazines. People were mostly polite and interested, and so I have sent off a few of my books to those who said they wanted a copy. I shall continue with this project again this week. There are not that many publications with readers who would be interested in the subject matter: history – especially South African and British Empire history, the story of one of the great forerunners of international journalism, colonialism, women’s issues and breaking the glass ceiling.  So I have to select the publications carefully. Once done, I then have to turn my attention abroad, where my instinct tells me there is a bigger and better market.

Good news is that I have received the quotes for a South African print run. It is just a question of deciding the quantity and the affordability. I have to move quickly, though, as my small supply of books is running out.