I can now tick off a number of “Must Do” items. I visited Love Books in Melville and left a couple of books on consignment. I phoned a number of newspapers and checked out the names of people responsible for the book reviews, and had a few good conversations. People were far more interested and polite than I expected, and they asked me to send them copies of the book. So it would seem that I can expect one or two reviews in South Africa over the next couple of months. A number of Professors in Journalism from the UK, Canada and US have been in touch with me asking for copies for their University Libraries or copies so that they could read the book. I could only oblige by sending them on-line copies. The US$ Royalty amount has now reached a reasonable amount that allows them to send me royalties. (They do not bother with bits and pieces!). So that is quite a milestone. Also I am now getting email requests to enter Book Awards and to place ads in Book Review Journals. Not that I am entering anything as it all costs money!  On my schedule for next week are calls to the Departments of Journalism at South African Universities. Now that will be interesting. I am investigating the possibility of printing copies in South Africa, as the freight costs from the US are horrendous, and cost almost as much as the books. Once I have a fair amount in hand, I will be able to take up the invitations to give talks at Clubs, schools and other small groups. There appears to be interest in this sort of activity.