It is a week to look back at with some satisfaction. After complaining to and createspace about the non-delivery of my complimentary books, on Friday I received two parcels by Priority Mail with 35 Free copies. Whatever happened to the other missing parcel of 30 books is anybody’s guess. The lesson it thought me is that receiving books by Freight from the US is a real problem, caused not by the courier companies, but by the fact that if sent by Standard Freight (and not Priority) they hand the parcels over to the SA Post Office for final door-to-door delivery. Big problem! The difference in cost between Standard freight and Priority is huge. Then I was asked if I wanted extracts from my great Kirkus Review added to the design of my back cover…and I replied “But of course!” Later the  the same day I received by email a new designed back cover with part of the review. So new books ordered with have that extra “selling” factor. “Riveting” – its reads in bold type!

I sent out emails to Journalism Schools in the US and received a number of comments that were positive and a Professor Keeble of Lincoln University (UK) has asked me to write a 1000 article on my research on Flora Shaw for a journal Communication Ethics. My task for tomorrow.  Then my brother received an email from his brother-in-law Ken Hodgson in London, to say that he had just finished reading my book, and that Boris Johnson (the London Mayor) has just published his new best-selling biography on Winston Churchill, and lo and behold in Johnson’s book is the story of how Flora Shaw bullied Churchill on Nigeria! I must try and find out where Johnson obtained his information on this episode as I was able to reconstruct it out of the detailed letters Flora wrote her husband Lugard dealing with the battles she was having with Churchill. I am hoping that Johnson found the information in Churchill’s diaries and memoirs, which provides a new source. I wrote a whole chapter on this which gives, I thought, good insight into the clash of political idealogy of colonialism and imperialism between two strong willed people. Maybe I will try and send Johnson an email!  It would be quite something if I can break through all the secretaries and assistants. But worth a try.