I actually finished this blog a few minutes ago, and then made the mistake of hitting the DELETE button to get rid of that “p” down below. Well I deleted the whole blog, and although I receiving a note to say it was now in DRAFTS, there was nothing. So beware the DELETE button. Small progress this week. My 30 complimentary copies did not arrive, and now I am waiting for UPS to trace the parcels. Nobody knows where they are. I need them to take to a couple of book stores to sell on consignment and see what happens.

I lost one and a half days because a lightning strike took out my office router and we had to get a new one. Then we had to phone Telkom to assist with the re-connection and after waiting over 4 hours for a consultant to answer their phone we gave up. I then phoned them at night and after a 45 minute wait, finally a lady answered and sorted us out. In between all this we received material to deliver for Scharrer Advertising, and Longtom Foods is now busy with enquiries every day, and so it was Thursday when I finished my list of email addresses of the UK Journalism Schools. Friday I sent out a flyer to them and by 5.00 pm received two positive replies. One was from a Professor of Journalism at Westminster University, who wrote to say that the book sounded most interesting and he would be recommending it to his students. Next week I send to the US Schools of Journalism at the American universities. I have over 400 email addresses.

This week two sales popped up in Euros. My first Euro sales! My report shows 24 paperbacks sold and 5 Kindles.  I am not sure if this includes the November sales of which there were a few as CreateSpace report on a monthly basis in US$, English pounds and Euros.

Now I really have to start publicizing my Blog…not a single visitor. Oh! I nearly forgot. I received an email from Jonathan Ball Publishers to say: “Sorry. This is not their kind of book.” I didn’t really expect anything else. Onward we go.